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Top Reasons to Automate your Business Processes

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With automation, you can reduce labor, deliver information on time and improve service levels to both internal and external customers. It is truly a case of having your cake and eating it too. Your companyʼs response to customers will be improved.

  • Imagine receiving auto-generated reports of your business operations while you are on the road,
  • Sending accounting reports to external accountants,
  • Emailing invoices to customers at the end of each day,
  • Transferring the Direct Deposit file to the bank,
  • Printing or emailing AR aging reports…

Task Agent is a core component of our system Abecas Insight designed to increase your efficiency by accomplishing hundreds of routine processes for you. These are just examples of jobs that Task Agent is already doing for some of our customers. Discover more



All about your warehouse + your people!

Join the IWLA Annual Convention + Expo held in Phoenix from March 23rd through 25th

For those who are members of this association, you already realize the value proposition membership delivers. If you are not a member, I would recommend you visit and consider the benefits of membership. I would like you all to consider attending this high value event.

Argos has been a Partner Member of this body for 2 decades. Some 7 years ago we seriously considered dropping our membership because we questioned the value proposition for us. On reflection I decided the problem was not with the association, but with us. We joined the association, exhibited at the annual convention and expected benefits to flow from that. No really significant benefits followed and so we questioned our membership.

At that time I decided we needed to be more proactive in our approach. I joined a number of committees, looked at the services offered (usually at no charge to members) and began to leverage our membership. The value proposition changed significantly and today I hold a seat on the board.

The key factor in this change has been recognizing the value of involvement. This is equally true for the warehouse members as it is for us as partner members. Networking with your peers, examining and benchmarking best practices, taking opportunities in the areas of education and legal positioning in staffing and contracts, having your voice heard in political forums are all available to you. Finding skilled employees in the career center, highlighting your existence and capabilities in the Logistics Services Locator for prospective customers and extending your reach through collaborative efforts with other members are just some of the benefits the active members are enjoying.

I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix.


In today’s competitive marketplace, we need all the advantages we can leverage for success.

This association provides far more advantage than even many members realize.




Best Regards,                    

 Geoff Hukins

 Executive Director | Argos Software

 IWLA Board Member

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