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NEW MOBILE APPLICATION for Freight Management

Discover the latest technology available for Fleet Management.

Argos Software developed different Android applications to offer mobile processes as part of our integrated Abecas Insight System components.

With the application designed for #Freight #Management, your drivers and dispatchers can stay connected on their phone. Dispatchers can assign trips at any time and drivers are able to confirm deliveries or pickups. Your system is updated in real time.
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Argos Software has been providing a proven Freight Management System (FMS) to the trucking industry since 1984. Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers. The range of our users is extensive and many take advantage of the integrated nature of Abecas Insight. Run your business with a complete solution managing accounting, payroll, maintenance, warehousing, trucking operations and more all at once!

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Top 5 Reasons your Freight Company Needs a Software Solution:

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  • Manage the various aspects of your freight company operations: including dispatching, billing, rating, driver/contractor/carrier settlements, receivables, payables, accounting, payroll, equipment and facilities management, parts inventory, fuel taxes, and warehouse management.
  • Know your cost every step of the way: multiple charges are automatically displayed, with automatic rating in the Freight billing
  • Track and view your capacity with our dashboards. Fax, e-mail and send/receive EDI documents with our communications software.
  • Scan and interpret your barcodes with Abecas Insight, and create your own labels and documents.
  • Get a powerful, integrated and configurable solution: ask for Interfaces available for PC-Miler™ and MileMaker™, for on-board computers, such as Qualcomm and People net, and for fuel cards, such as Comdata, T-Check…

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