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Replace your WMS with Abecas Insight


Replace Your WMS System with Abecas Insight 

Dear Warehousing Professionals,

  • Are you feeling frustrated by your current system? 
  • Do you wish you could manage all your operations (warehouse processes, EDI, inventory, accounting, billing, fleet…) in one system?
  • Do you want to receive automatic reports and send invoices to your customers at a pre-defined time?

Argos Software offers a robust solution created for 3PLs and with 3PL experts. We are a dedicated partner of logistics associations, such as the International Warehouse & Logistics Association and have been helping logistics & freight operations succeed for 37 years!

  • Abecas Insighia flexible solution specifically designed for 3PLs to increase your efficiency by accomplishing hundreds of routine processes that you configure. 
  • With Abecas Insight, you can do it all with 1 system: simplify your warehouse management, inventory processes, accounting, billing, payroll, freight management into one streamlined, hands-free process. Get Multiple modules all integrated in one system View the list here!
  • With our powerful system, you get ongoing access to our team of logistics experts always here to support you and solve your issues. They understand all stages of your operations from receiving, packing, invoicing to shipping.
  • We will provide references of other 3PLs using Abecas in different states. One of them recently said: “We selected Argos and ABECAS Insight because you are three years ahead of your competitors in the use of technology that relates to my industry”.

I look forward to our discussion and will prepare a Competitive Replacement Plan for your operations!

Mike Parrilli
Vice president of Sales | Argos Software




Working with 3PLs and Logistics Professionals
ince 1979
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Top 3PL IT provider: Hundreds of Business Tasks Simplified!

Top Reasons to Automate Your
Business Processes

Managing clients and accounts can be overwhelming sometimes but using automation can make your life much easier by reducing human errors, delivering information on time and improving service levels to both internal and external customers.

  • Imagine receiving auto-generated reports of your operations while on the road
  • Accounting reports automatically sent to external accountants
  • Invoices emailed to customers at the end of each day
  • Direct Deposit file transferred to the bank
  • Accounts Receivable Aging reports printed or emailed

These are just examples of jobs that Task Agent is doing for our customers.

>> Abecas Insight was Recognized for Excellence by Inbound Logistics


Task Agent is a core component of our system Abecas Insight and is designed to increase your efficiency by accomplishing hundreds of routine processes that you configured. Task Agent takes redundant or complex tasks and simplifies them into a streamlined, hands-free process. With this powerful tool, your company’s response to customers will be improved and the labor to accomplish many operational tasks can be reduced.

Geoff Hukins
Executive Director | Argos Software
IWLA Board Member                                          

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