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2015 IWLA Technology & Operations Conference

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Are you all set for the Tech/Ops ?

For many years the International Warehouse Logistics Association has held an annual IT conference. The 2015 ‘IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference’  is for everyone in the warehouse who touches technology or oversees any aspect of operations. C-level executives who direct operations and technology employees will also reap benefits by attending.  

For IWLA Members or non-members this educational event provides a fantastic ROI. The opening reception brings together the IWLA Board of Directors with attendees. Be sure you’re there to network with these 3PL leaders and to learn more about the future of your trade association. Details of the conference can be found here.

As a partner of the association and Vice President of Sales at Argos Software, I will be attending the event and we will be offering a 10% discount on Abecas Insight WMS valid for a year. Come by our booth and bring your business card. I look forward to seeing you, and your key IT and operations players, in Dallas.

Best Regards,

Mike Parrilli   
Vice President of Sales
Argos Software | (559) 227-1000 
Sub. Friedman Corporation


New Mobile-Friendly Website for Argos Software


Argos Software Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new responsive mobile website.

We wanted our mobile and tablet readers to have the best possible experience when using the Argos Software website on smaller screens. It is now easier to read our content on all mobile platforms and devices.


With your computer, you can now use our search bar to find information faster

visit the website


 Geoff Hukins

Executive Director | Argos Software |

Board Member  


Atrending the IWLA Tech/Ops Conference


IWLA Board Director Geoff Hukins (Argos Software) introduces our “Managing Technology Change in Operations panel”. #TechOps

left to right: Doug Williams, Ohio Logistics-Findley’s Tall Timbers; Douglas Varga, Barrett Distribution Centers; Howard Kamerer, WOW Logistics; moderator Geoff Hukins of Argos.

What 3PL Clients are expecting today…

Reasons for Selecting 3PLs Are Changing

In a recent publication from the Supply Chain Brain , 3PL clients revealed their expectations in terms of services and new technology needs. Here is a list of the “Must Have” criteria used to select a 3PL provider in 2013:

  • Provide shipment and in-transit information in real time
  • Support varied communication protocols, both domestically and internationally
  • Handle large volumes of data exchanges and large numbers of connections
  • Improve real-time visibility of data and data exchanges with partners and customers

ABECAS Insight is a powerful solution developed for 3PLs, allowing scalability and access to real time information to meet your customers’ needs. Today supply chain software must provide visibility to internal and external partners, integration to other systems and be adaptable to your business processes. ABECAS Insight meets these goals.

Best Regards,

 Geoff Hukins 

 Executive Director  Argos Software | (559) 227-1000
 Board Member



Creative Card to wish you Happy Holidays!

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Are you leveraging the Global Economy?

3PL’s in Asia are still, on average, behind the USA in take-up of technologies like EDI, scanning and RFID. They are however rapidly catching up.

They are also very focused on a flat world. As the manufacturing hub of the world Asia is truly thinking and acting globally. Those US (or European or Australian) service providers with partnerships or informal relations in Asia will grow their business on the back of those arrangements. Those providers who are focused inwards will miss the opportunities.

By getting in now, making contact with local providers and assisting them through knowledge and technology transfer, long term relationships can be built that will be profitable for all players.

Read this full publication on the asian market written by our executive director Geoff Hukins: click here

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