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Meet Rene at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show!

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Welcome René, our new Enterprise Sales Manager

René Huurman
Sales Manager
Direct: 503.446.2070
Office: 559.227.1000

Enterprise Management Systems

Argos Software announces new Sales Manager for the Nursery & Agribusiness Industry!

We are excited to announce that René Huurman has joined the Argos Software team as Sales Manager of the Nursery Agribusiness Industry.

René has a degree in Horticulture and 25 years’ experience in the Nursery Industry.  His  thorough understanding of inventory management,  production/sales cycles and cost accounting uniquely  qualifies him to help solve the challenges and needs a grower faces on a day to day basis.  René provides a detailed analysis of your current processes and assists in configuring the perfect Argos Software package to help you take your business to the next level.

In addition to his expert knowledge in this area, René is dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service.  We know that you will be as thrilled to work with him as we are.

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What you need to manage your business: accounting, sales, operational modules…


We know your industry ! Time to give your business the solution to excel

We know your industry ! Give your business the solution to excel

Be ready to improve your business performance in supply chain, logistics, nursery & agribusiness …

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Eggs and Traceability of Your Product

The recall of eggs serves as a reminder of the need to know what goes into your product, why batches are different and where your product goes. While your product may not be human consumable, the need to know still exists for a wide range of reasons.

For example, on the input side, did you apply materials that were contaminated in some way?  What specific production items were affected?

On the production side, why were losses higher and quality lower on some of your production? Or, what source of seeds, clones or liners were the most productive with the best quality?

On the sales side, did you ship mislabeled, miscoded or re-callable product? Who received this product?

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