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CASE STUDY: These nurseries use natural energy

CASE STUDY: Two nurseries are using alternative energy and manage to lower their costs. 

Discover the benefits and consequences of this new experience on their production and revenues.

This article was published by Nursery Management.

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3PL provider: How To Increase Your Services Revenue

In the current market the 3PL provider has two choices, substantially increase revenue from value added services or struggle to survive in a storage focused world with diminishing inventory.

Arguably the recession is over, but this one is different. Unemployment is still high, inventories are still being held back and neither is looking at changing in the foreseeable future. Traditional 3PL truckload in, truckload out businesses are suffering and there seems little hope of a turnaround.

To prosper today, the industry must move towards a much higher proportion of revenue from value added services. In discussions with our own 3PL partners, we are seeing significant growth in those who are able to move their business into the fulfillment arena or offer 4PL type services to their customers. We are also seeing those locked into a storage/handling model suffering and losing business.

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Supply Chain: Take Stock of a Runway Inventory

It’s time to optimize your inventory!

 If you’re looking for ways to satisfy your customers orders or to calculate your optimum level of stock, I found an article from the Supply Chain Digital that may interest you!

Learn how EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can help your business:

  • Reduce lead times to process orders
  • Measure the delivery performance of suppliers
  • Improve your visibility and much more!     

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—> North American 3PL Market

Strategic Analysis 

As a Logistics Service Provider you need to remain competitive. Information is key to this competitiveness. Knowing the strategies and current views of the large players in your space is vital if you are not to be left behind in a fast changing logistics landscape.

Eyefor Transport recently released for public consumption a $1,500 – 134 page report on the North American 3PL market in 2011. This report looked at a number of issues from the perspective of the largest 25 Logistics Service Providers in the market. Among the issues addressed are:

  • Economic outlook 
  • Key trends
  • Sustainability
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • 3PL operations

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