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NEW MOBILE APPLICATION for Freight Management

Discover the latest technology available for Fleet Management.

Argos Software developed different Android applications to offer mobile processes as part of our integrated Abecas Insight System components.

With the application designed for #Freight #Management, your drivers and dispatchers can stay connected on their phone. Dispatchers can assign trips at any time and drivers are able to confirm deliveries or pickups. Your system is updated in real time.
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Argos Software has been providing a proven Freight Management System (FMS) to the trucking industry since 1984. Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers. The range of our users is extensive and many take advantage of the integrated nature of Abecas Insight. Run your business with a complete solution managing accounting, payroll, maintenance, warehousing, trucking operations and more all at once!

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Replace your WMS with Abecas Insight


Replace Your WMS System with Abecas Insight 

Dear Warehousing Professionals,

  • Are you feeling frustrated by your current system? 
  • Do you wish you could manage all your operations (warehouse processes, EDI, inventory, accounting, billing, fleet…) in one system?
  • Do you want to receive automatic reports and send invoices to your customers at a pre-defined time?

Argos Software offers a robust solution created for 3PLs and with 3PL experts. We are a dedicated partner of logistics associations, such as the International Warehouse & Logistics Association and have been helping logistics & freight operations succeed for 37 years!

  • Abecas Insighia flexible solution specifically designed for 3PLs to increase your efficiency by accomplishing hundreds of routine processes that you configure. 
  • With Abecas Insight, you can do it all with 1 system: simplify your warehouse management, inventory processes, accounting, billing, payroll, freight management into one streamlined, hands-free process. Get Multiple modules all integrated in one system View the list here!
  • With our powerful system, you get ongoing access to our team of logistics experts always here to support you and solve your issues. They understand all stages of your operations from receiving, packing, invoicing to shipping.
  • We will provide references of other 3PLs using Abecas in different states. One of them recently said: “We selected Argos and ABECAS Insight because you are three years ahead of your competitors in the use of technology that relates to my industry”.

I look forward to our discussion and will prepare a Competitive Replacement Plan for your operations!

Mike Parrilli
Vice president of Sales | Argos Software




Working with 3PLs and Logistics Professionals
ince 1979
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Explore latest trends on Warehouse Technology and Operations


The Annual Tech/Ops Conference hosted by the International Warehouse & Logistics Association (IWLA) has started today! The Expo part of the event allows attendees to see the latest software and products available to help you create more value to customers – Argos Software is represented by Geoff Hukins, executive director of Argos and board member of IWLA. Geoff is available during these 3 days to answer all your questions on the high performance solution, Abecas Insight WMS.

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3PLs face slowing growth in 2014!

Portrait of the 3PL Market

How have your operations emerged from 2013?
A recent article from Richard Armstrong – chairman & CEO of supply chain research and consulting firm Armstrong & Associates – has revealed major trends for 2014 and offers a first-hand look into the state of today’s logistics operations: 
  • Globally the 3PL market has grown to $704 billion
  • 36 % of the market is located in Asia-Pacific
  • North American market represents 25%
  • Domestic transportation management has been very successful: managers have developed efficient models such as separating carrier capacity procurement from sales management
  • Market growth in 2014 should be in the 5% range

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Best Regards,                    

 Geoff Hukins

 Executive Director | Argos Software

 IWLA Board Member


Serving your industry since 1979! Check out our testimonials

Serving your industry since 1979! Check out our testimonials

Top 5 Reasons your Freight Company Needs a Software Solution:

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  • Manage the various aspects of your freight company operations: including dispatching, billing, rating, driver/contractor/carrier settlements, receivables, payables, accounting, payroll, equipment and facilities management, parts inventory, fuel taxes, and warehouse management.
  • Know your cost every step of the way: multiple charges are automatically displayed, with automatic rating in the Freight billing
  • Track and view your capacity with our dashboards. Fax, e-mail and send/receive EDI documents with our communications software.
  • Scan and interpret your barcodes with Abecas Insight, and create your own labels and documents.
  • Get a powerful, integrated and configurable solution: ask for Interfaces available for PC-Miler™ and MileMaker™, for on-board computers, such as Qualcomm and People net, and for fuel cards, such as Comdata, T-Check…

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