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What 3PL Clients are expecting today…

Reasons for Selecting 3PLs Are Changing

In a recent publication from the Supply Chain Brain , 3PL clients revealed their expectations in terms of services and new technology needs. Here is a list of the “Must Have” criteria used to select a 3PL provider in 2013:

  • Provide shipment and in-transit information in real time
  • Support varied communication protocols, both domestically and internationally
  • Handle large volumes of data exchanges and large numbers of connections
  • Improve real-time visibility of data and data exchanges with partners and customers

ABECAS Insight is a powerful solution developed for 3PLs, allowing scalability and access to real time information to meet your customers’ needs. Today supply chain software must provide visibility to internal and external partners, integration to other systems and be adaptable to your business processes. ABECAS Insight meets these goals.

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Learn how professional growers can increase productivity

Gain Time & Increase Productivity 

with Order Management

ABECAS Insight  Enterprise Management System 

It is critical for your business to be prepared to fulfill orders in a timely fashion. This management screen provides a snapshot look at all order activity and has tools for efficient workflow.

Radio Frequency Identification: Why using barcode scanning?

Scanning barcodes and using mobile computers is not only about speeding up your workers, it’s about task efficiency.

Don’t look to scanning to make picking faster, or increase your lifts per hour for putaways– look for the benefits that flow from doing it right the first time. Scanning will actually add time to the tasks, the time to grasp the device, aim, shoot the barcode(s) and get a confirmation of the scan. It’s after the scan that the benefits start to flow. Now the right product is in the right place, your inventory is accurate and your transaction is visible to your CSRs and supervisors.

Accurate inventory has a huge payback, both in labor and service.

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3PL provider: How To Increase Your Services Revenue

In the current market the 3PL provider has two choices, substantially increase revenue from value added services or struggle to survive in a storage focused world with diminishing inventory.

Arguably the recession is over, but this one is different. Unemployment is still high, inventories are still being held back and neither is looking at changing in the foreseeable future. Traditional 3PL truckload in, truckload out businesses are suffering and there seems little hope of a turnaround.

To prosper today, the industry must move towards a much higher proportion of revenue from value added services. In discussions with our own 3PL partners, we are seeing significant growth in those who are able to move their business into the fulfillment arena or offer 4PL type services to their customers. We are also seeing those locked into a storage/handling model suffering and losing business.

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