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NEW MOBILE APPLICATION for Freight Management

Discover the latest technology available for Fleet Management.

Argos Software developed different Android applications to offer mobile processes as part of our integrated Abecas Insight System components.

With the application designed for #Freight #Management, your drivers and dispatchers can stay connected on their phone. Dispatchers can assign trips at any time and drivers are able to confirm deliveries or pickups. Your system is updated in real time.
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Argos Software has been providing a proven Freight Management System (FMS) to the trucking industry since 1984. Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers. The range of our users is extensive and many take advantage of the integrated nature of Abecas Insight. Run your business with a complete solution managing accounting, payroll, maintenance, warehousing, trucking operations and more all at once!

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2014 IWLA Tech Ops Conference

Mark Your Calendar: 2014 IWLA Tech & Ops Conference

For many years the International Warehouse Logistics Association has held an annual IT conference. The 2014 ‘IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference’ is being held in Chicago over Nov. 12-14. This event is for everyone in the warehouse who touches technology or oversees any aspect of operations. Of course, C-level executives who direct operations and technology employees will also reap benefits by attending.  Details of the conference can be found here.

At $399 (IWLA Members) per attendee this educational event provides a fantastic ROI. Non-members are also welcome and I recommend the conference to you for your IT and operations staff.

The opening reception brings together the IWLA Board of Directors with attendees to the IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions Conference. Be sure you’re there to network with these warehouse-based 3PL leaders and to learn more about the future of your trade association.

As a board member of the association I can attest to the value of both the association itself and the educational offerings provided for members. I look forward to seeing you, and your key IT and operations players, in Chicago in November.

Best Regards,

Geoff Hukins

Executive Director Argos Software | (559) 227-1000 

IWLA Board Member

ABECAS Insight is a powerful solution developed for 3PLs, allowing scalability and access to real time information. We offer visibility for your internal & external partners, integration to other systems and configuration to your own business processes.

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