Argos Software develops Enterprise Software for Agribusiness and Supply Chain Industries.


Ohio Logistics started out in 1988 keeping inventory on index cards that needed to be manually updated each night.  As the business grew and technology became more prevalent, the company moved to a homemade inventory system on a single PC.  While this seems quaint and almost humorous today, it showed us the great potential for technology for our quickly growing business. Today, Ohio Logistics is one of the largest privately held logistic firms in the Midwest with over 6,000,000 square feet in 6 different states all depending on Abecas Insight by Argos.

“Abecas Insight was the only WMS that Ohio Logistics found to offer the flexibility to respond quickly and exactly to all of our customer requests. Our boss doesn’t allow us to say “no”. We have to have a WMS complex enough to never say “no” to us. That is the reason why Ohio Logistics has been committed to Abecas Insight for over 8 years” says Marci Stalh, IT Coordinator at Ohio Logistics.


Learn more about our WMS system!


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