Argos Software develops Enterprise Software for Agribusiness and Supply Chain Industries.

Friedman Corporation (“Friedman”), a division of Vela Software International, has completed the acquisition of Argos Software, a division of Argos, Inc.

As a result of the acquisition, the Argos Software business will operate as an independent division of Friedman’s Friedman Operating Group, and will continue to develop, enhance, service, and support their software solutions in order to provide a competitive edge to its customers.

Alan Thodey, President of Argos Software, adds “Being part of the Friedman Operating Group allows Argos Software to continue its 36-year commitment to customers and staff.  It provides strong corporate support with access to resources and expertise to allow Argos Software to continue to enhance products, expand marketing and provide first class service to our customers.”

“We are pleased to welcome Argos Software into the Friedman Corporation family of software companies and we look forward to the continued support and development of ABECAS Insight for all of our Customers. Our goal is for our Customers to maximize their ROI in our software now and in the future. The Fresno, CA based team is also important to us so we also have committed to a long term lease of the Argos building so as to best serve our Customers and keep the team together.”

Chris Anderson,
New President

Argos Software
Friedman Operating Group – Constellation Software


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