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Ohio Logistics started out in 1988 keeping inventory on index cards that needed to be manually updated each night.  As the business grew and technology became more prevalent, the company moved to a homemade inventory system on a single PC.  While this seems quaint and almost humorous today, it showed us the great potential for technology for our quickly growing business. Today, Ohio Logistics is one of the largest privately held logistic firms in the Midwest with over 6,000,000 square feet in 6 different states all depending on Abecas Insight by Argos.

“Abecas Insight was the only WMS that Ohio Logistics found to offer the flexibility to respond quickly and exactly to all of our customer requests. Our boss doesn’t allow us to say “no”. We have to have a WMS complex enough to never say “no” to us. That is the reason why Ohio Logistics has been committed to Abecas Insight for over 8 years” says Marci Stalh, IT Coordinator at Ohio Logistics.


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Discover the latest technology available for Fleet Management.

Argos Software developed different Android applications to offer mobile processes as part of our integrated Abecas Insight System components.

With the application designed for #Freight #Management, your drivers and dispatchers can stay connected on their phone. Dispatchers can assign trips at any time and drivers are able to confirm deliveries or pickups. Your system is updated in real time.
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Argos Software has been providing a proven Freight Management System (FMS) to the trucking industry since 1984. Our focus has been “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers. The range of our users is extensive and many take advantage of the integrated nature of Abecas Insight. Run your business with a complete solution managing accounting, payroll, maintenance, warehousing, trucking operations and more all at once!

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Replace Your WMS System with Abecas Insight 

Dear Warehousing Professionals,

  • Are you feeling frustrated by your current system? 
  • Do you wish you could manage all your operations (warehouse processes, EDI, inventory, accounting, billing, fleet…) in one system?
  • Do you want to receive automatic reports and send invoices to your customers at a pre-defined time?

Argos Software offers a robust solution created for 3PLs and with 3PL experts. We are a dedicated partner of logistics associations, such as the International Warehouse & Logistics Association and have been helping logistics & freight operations succeed for 37 years!

  • Abecas Insighia flexible solution specifically designed for 3PLs to increase your efficiency by accomplishing hundreds of routine processes that you configure. 
  • With Abecas Insight, you can do it all with 1 system: simplify your warehouse management, inventory processes, accounting, billing, payroll, freight management into one streamlined, hands-free process. Get Multiple modules all integrated in one system View the list here!
  • With our powerful system, you get ongoing access to our team of logistics experts always here to support you and solve your issues. They understand all stages of your operations from receiving, packing, invoicing to shipping.
  • We will provide references of other 3PLs using Abecas in different states. One of them recently said: “We selected Argos and ABECAS Insight because you are three years ahead of your competitors in the use of technology that relates to my industry”.

I look forward to our discussion and will prepare a Competitive Replacement Plan for your operations!

Mike Parrilli
Vice president of Sales | Argos Software




Working with 3PLs and Logistics Professionals
ince 1979
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The Affordable‬ Care‬ Act laws have come into effect. ALL employers with 50 or more full time or full time equivalent (FTE) employees are required to produce forms 1094-C /1095-C for calendar year 2015 starting December 31st. Significant penalties are possible for failure to comply with ACA requirements.

The Abecas Insight Human‬ Resources‬ module will generate all the required forms to meet these requirements. If you are using Quickbooks for Payroll, please note that Quickbooks does not provide the ACA forms.
Do you have 50 full time employees or more and need a solution to comply? Contact us today at– Abecas Insight software will automate the reporting for you.



Customer Service Representative – Argos Software

Deliver top-level customer support to Argos Customers using our computer software applications in the transportation, warehousing and wholesale nursery industries.

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Location: Fresno, CA

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Are you all set for the Tech/Ops ?

For many years the International Warehouse Logistics Association has held an annual IT conference. The 2015 ‘IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference’  is for everyone in the warehouse who touches technology or oversees any aspect of operations. C-level executives who direct operations and technology employees will also reap benefits by attending.  

For IWLA Members or non-members this educational event provides a fantastic ROI. The opening reception brings together the IWLA Board of Directors with attendees. Be sure you’re there to network with these 3PL leaders and to learn more about the future of your trade association. Details of the conference can be found here.

As a partner of the association and Vice President of Sales at Argos Software, I will be attending the event and we will be offering a 10% discount on Abecas Insight WMS valid for a year. Come by our booth and bring your business card. I look forward to seeing you, and your key IT and operations players, in Dallas.

Best Regards,

Mike Parrilli   
Vice President of Sales
Argos Software | (559) 227-1000 
Sub. Friedman Corporation

Friedman Corporation (“Friedman”), a division of Vela Software International, has completed the acquisition of Argos Software, a division of Argos, Inc.

As a result of the acquisition, the Argos Software business will operate as an independent division of Friedman’s Friedman Operating Group, and will continue to develop, enhance, service, and support their software solutions in order to provide a competitive edge to its customers.

Alan Thodey, President of Argos Software, adds “Being part of the Friedman Operating Group allows Argos Software to continue its 36-year commitment to customers and staff.  It provides strong corporate support with access to resources and expertise to allow Argos Software to continue to enhance products, expand marketing and provide first class service to our customers.”

“We are pleased to welcome Argos Software into the Friedman Corporation family of software companies and we look forward to the continued support and development of ABECAS Insight for all of our Customers. Our goal is for our Customers to maximize their ROI in our software now and in the future. The Fresno, CA based team is also important to us so we also have committed to a long term lease of the Argos building so as to best serve our Customers and keep the team together.”

Chris Anderson,
New President

Argos Software
Friedman Operating Group – Constellation Software

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